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A neurologist is a medicinal specialist who works in treating maladies of the sensory system. The sensory system is made of two sections: the focal and fringe sensory system. It incorporates the cerebrum and spinal line. The department of Neurology at Zenith Hospital is one of the best Neurology Hospital in Faridabad with highly qualified & experienced neuro surgeon.

Diseases, issue, and wounds that include the sensory system regularly require a neurologist’s administration and treatment.



Best Neurology Hospital in Delhi

Neurosurgery is a specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment, both surgical and nonsurgical, of disorders of the nervous system, which includes the brain, skull, spinal column and spinal cord.

Facilities – Best Neurology Hospital in Faridabad

• Consultation with Senior Neurologist, MS, Mch (Neuro)
• Consultation and Neurosurgeries by Senior Neurosurgeon, MS, Mch (Neurosurgery)
• Surgical and Non-Surgical treatment for Nervous system Disorder and spinal cord.
• Brain surgery like Brain Tumors, Head Injuries, Infection, Hydrocephalus
• Spine Trauma
• Spine Tumor, Congenital Spine Problem
• Neurovascular Surgery
• Management of Trigeminal Neuralgia Surgery

What does a neurologist do?

Neurologists oversee and treat neurological conditions or issues with the sensory system. Side effects that regularly require a neurologist include:

  • coordination issues
  • muscle shortcoming
  • an adjustment in sensation
  • perplexity

Individuals who are having issues with their faculties, for example, touch, vision, or smell, may likewise need to see a neurologist. Issues with faculties are now and again caused by sensory system issue.

Neurologists additionally observe Patients with:Best Neurology Hospital in Delhi

  • seizure issue, for example, epilepsy
  • stroke
  • numerous sclerosis
  • neuromuscular clutters, for example, myasthenia gravis
  • diseases of the sensory system, including encephalitis, meningitis, or cerebrum abscesses
  • neurodegenerative scatters, for example, Lou Gehrig’s ailment and Alzheimer’s sickness
  • spinal rope issue, including provocative and immune system issue – cerebral pains, for example, group cerebral pains and headaches

Neurologist subspecialties –Zenith Hospital

Since the sensory system is perplexing, a neurologist may represent considerable authority in a particular territory. They will complete a partnership around there after residency preparing. Subspecialties have developed to limit a specialist’s core interest.

There are numerous subspecialties. A few cases of subspecialties including:

  • migraine medication
  • neuromuscular solution
  • neurocritical mind
  • neuro-oncology
  • geriatric neurology
  • autonomic scatters
  • vascular (stroke mind)
  • kid neurology
  • mediation neuroradiologyepilepsy